Thursday, October 23, 2008


240 King Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1K1

I haven't eaten a delicious hamburger, or any hamburger for that matter for over a month. I've been on hamburger-hiatus, if you will, due to my stomach ripping apart constantly. So for the past month, I've not been allowed to consume any red meat :( However, yesterday I got the OK to go ahead again.

I went for lunch this afternoon with my friend Kay - we opted for Betty's, a pub a few doors down from my office that's usually filled with business people grabbing a mid-afternoon/after work pint. I was excited to have a hamburger, with swiss cheese on top. The burger was WAY too hot when it came, that every bite I took was just shooting steam into my mouth. It sucked. Once it cooled off to a good eating temperature, it wasn't any better. There weren't any noticeable spices or good flavoring to it, and it was dry and grey. I barley finished half of it.

For always getting such good reviews of their food, I'd suggest to just stick to their beer. It's simple, and kinda hard to eff up, especially when you order a it in a bottle.

p.s. The spinach salad I got as my side was basically a caesar salad, with spinach instead of romaine. wtf?!

p.p.s. We also decided to try the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cake Brownie for dessert. There was no cream-cheesiness to it at all. It was nothing but a dense pumpkin muffin with a fancier name. Betty, what's wrong?


clanchatti said...

ha i love that your comment section is called "on the side".
now that you're eating burgers again we have to go eat the Drake burger. it f-ing rules

test12 said...

Your Windsor Arms review was mentioned over at Taste T.O., so that brought me over to your site. Interesting blog!

Surprised at this negative review of Betty's though. I frequent the place fairly regularly, and like their burgers, which I usually top with blue cheese. I'd give it another shot, and order it medium or medium-well, it may have just been a bad day for whoever made it and they overcooked it (not that inconsistency is ever acceptable).

My favourite pub burger in Toronto though is Victory Cafe, give them a try

angela said...

it was??
link me! i want to see! :)

test12 said...

angela said...

awesome. thanks!