Thursday, September 17, 2009



1587 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 352.FLIP

In my search for a burger place that I hadn't tried yet, I came across Flip Burger Boutique. I checked out their website to discover that their burgers are unlike most that you find anywhere else. Not the plain, old school hamburgers or cheeseburgers that have different cheeses or you might add bacon to. The creative director of Flip, Richard Blais, has appeared on "Top Chef: Chicago" and "Iron Chef America". The menu is actually not terribly priced for what you get. Your standard burger is $6.50 and most the rest go up to $9, with the exception of the "A5", a 5.5 oz. Japanese Kobe (A5 rating) patty, foie gras (look it up if you don't know what it is), truffle butter, b&b pickles and red wine syrup, which will set you back $30! They also serve "flip" burgers which give you choices besides beef, such as pork, shrimp, wild mushroom and others. One other thing they serve are their shakes... liquid N₂ milkshakes. They have Nutella & burnt marshmallow, pistachio & white truffle, foie gras (again, look it up if you haven't yet) and I had to try the Krispy Kreme flavor. It is exactly like you would imagine a liquid donut would taste, delicious.

I chose to go with the Philly burger, topped with french onions, green peppers, ketchup and Cheese Whiz! After it came out, it was a little smaller than I had expected, but that's my fault for not reading the menu which states the beef burgers are 5.5 oz: hangar steak, brisket and short rib. I was also confused on the cheese whiz. It wasn't the fake, processed, bold yellow/orange-goo that I'm used to seeing, it was white and almost had a whipped butter-like consistency. It even melted like butter would once I started digging in. Despite the size it was excellent, and actually, looking back on it, 8 oz burgers might be that "just too big" size where you just have those last few bites left and go ahead and finish it only to regret it 10 minutes later. I did leave there with a full stomach, but not overly full. So if you're in the area, definitely check out Flip.

I will forewarn that parking might be tough, so get there early (they open at 5 for dinner) and don't expect privacy. There are only 3 booths, and two rows of tables in the center that seat four, which, if you have two in your party, could mean you'll end up sitting with two strangers. I'll probably be making future trips here to hamblog about some of the other options they have.

- Bobby!
125 E. Court Square
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 687.0990

The Brick Store Pub is has been voted in this years "100 Best Bars in America" by Esquire magazine. Located in Decatur, they specialize in an extensive beer selection (excluding any of the major domestics) and have some pretty awesome food. I had yet to try the burger there in my previous trips, but I decided it was time. I ordered the Brick Burger with swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato (no onions come on this Atlanta burger), cooked medium. I was amazed on how thick the burger was and once i added some of their signature spicy mustard, I put the top bun on and wasn't sure how I was going to actually go about eating the monstrosity. Well, I made it work and all I can say is "yum". It was cooked perfectly, just the right amount of cheese (not that too much cheese is a bad thing), bun toasted just right, everything was dead on. I can't give it credit for being one of the top 5 in Atlanta, but maybe in the top 10. They also offer Turkey and Veggie burgers which I'm sure are just as good if the hamburger I ate was any indicator. My only complaint about the place is sometimes it can get too crowded and it's hard to find place to sit, but it is worth it, so check it out when you're in the area!

- Bobby!
BURGER MEISTER (Castro location)
138 Church Street
San Francisco, CA.
(415) 437-2874

My friend Darren and I went here for hamburgers and beer, knowing that they are known for being an award winning burger joint. Gigantic, all-natural, half-pound Niman Ranch patties are juicy, fresh and grilled to order. We both got it topped with avocado and pepper jack cheese, and man oh man, was it ever good! You could also order a chicken cheesesteak or a hot dog if you really wanted to, but it would be a shame to miss out on the burgers.

The only bogus thing about this place is the price. Granted, they are gourmet burgers, however $19.50 for a cheeseburger and a glass of beer is a bit hefty. Though completely delicious, and great cuts of meat, it's just a tad expensive for what they are.

We left feeling overwhelmingly stuffed with juicy hamburger, crunchy fries and beer.
Thanks, Burger Meister.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last night when out at a bar, my friend Rob showed up more stoked than normal. He said he was walking to Pop's and came across someone selling a bunch of random things on the street. Wide-eyed, he found this hamburger recipe book, and bought it for me for $1.00. It's hardcover and totally mouth watering!

Thanks Rob!!
(Note: Rob totally rules. Check out his photos)


3392 24th St
(between Orange Aly & Valencia St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 821-4821

It's been forever since I've updated hamblogger. Where have are all my faithful contributers been hiding as well? Everyone's been busy, but surely they haven't stopped eating delicious burgers.

I myself have moved from Toronto, Canada, to San Francisco, California back in July. I have eating a few tasty burgers, but so far my favorites have come from Big Mouth Burger, right at the corner of 24th and Valencia, in The Mission. Their burgers are so massive, very messy, and really really delicious. I got the Big Mouth Burger topped with avocado, cheddar and chipotle mayo, paired perfectly with a cheap bottled PBR. It was about $13. Not bad, and it also comes with a huge portion of hand sliced french fries, skin-on (best!).

Beware though: Their chipotle mayo is spiiiiiicy! Like, we were basically squirting ketchup into our mouths to try and neutralize it. Wowzers!

Friday, May 1, 2009

176 Baldwin St. (Kensington Market)
Toronto, ON.

What a find! It is true what the say - Kensington Market is full of little treasures! On one of the main streets of the market there are two butcher shops - you need to go to the bigger one of the two for this. In the back of the butcher shop there is a little grill. They cook up all sorts of fresh meat and the old ladies who serve you are so nice! The burger combo is only $3.49 or maybe $3.99 either way super cheap for a burger, fries and pop. The burgers are great and you can take it to go and find a bench in the market to enjoy.

TIP: If you like cheese, you need to ask for it as a topping. It's in one of the squeeze bottles. If you find that sorta thing gross (which I am proud to say I don't) you can always go to the cheese shop next door and get a slice.



586 College Street
Toronto, ON

This fine looking burger has been one of my favourites in Toronto for a long time. I do a lot of work on College St., so this is a great lunchtime spot. It's usually pretty busy in there - so I just call in and take it to go. The burgers are always so juicy and fresh! I really like a sloppy burger, and this is just that! Get a little bit of red pepper mayo and you are good to go. The fries rule too!


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Burger Shots

11,550 locations worldwide!

**Interesting fact I came across while looking up location information for Burger King:
"Burger King has a longstanding presence at U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force installations worldwide, dating back to the 1980s under a contract with Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Today, while other chains such as Taco Bell, Popeye's and Subway have a presence on military bases, virtually every major Army and Air Force installation hosts a BK restaurant.

I'll cut right to the chase. BK Burger Shots are possibly the greatest fast-food incarnation since the Mc Rib. Whoever thought of this little gem at BK is probably basking in corporate glory; freshly promoted to VP of Marketing Genius, traipsing the world in a shiny new G5 and hitting the links while us schmucks sit in a cubicle.

And the reason we’re sitting in cubicles, pondering our existence and fully realizing how shitty our jobs are, is because schmucks like us never came up with the idea of selling sliders en masse.

Sure, sliders aren’t new (ask anyone in Chicago). But that’s not the point. The point is that someone was smart enough to re-package these wee-little lads and call it sliced bread.

Thing is, everyone expects a slider from a cutesy-downtown-boutique-burger shop with yuppies and hipsters in tow. No one expects it from a fast-food multinational that churns out a burger in less than a minute. So when you roll up to a Burger King at Jane and Lawrence and ask for BK Shot and get two sliders, your mind explodes, paradigms shift and the Leafs win the Stanley Cup.

Even the packaging on these guys rule! All with their sardonic illustration on how to un-wrap, bisect and consume said sliders. Oh how I love thee.

I’m sorry, but BK Shots are killing it right now. To me, they are to the burger world what Wu Tang was to hip hop.

- Chenyip

PS: My total amount of BK Burger Shots is currently sitting at 14. I’ll accept any challenge to top that.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Every once in a great while, a food product is created or invented that brings people together in their collective curiosity. Crystal Pepsi, the McRib, the Double Decker Taco, those Oreos that turned milk blue for some reason...

I can now say that food product du jour is, without question the "McGangBang". "What the devil is a McGangBang?" you ask?

Urban Dictionary describes it as:

"A double Cheeseburger and McChicken. Simply split the double cheeseburger between the two meat patties and place the McChicken in between the two meat patties and enjoy. Both dollar menu items."

Or, more simply:

As with any phenomenon born on the Internet, the history of the McGangBang is fuzzy at best, but most more prevalent theory seems to have it originated in Daytona Beach, Florida (which, if you're keeping score, means Florida birthed Limp Bizkit, the 2000 election, and now this...). It's popularity has grown leaps and bounds in past months, appearing on, Message boards and Twitter posts. Several YouTube videos have also popped up, all trying to be the first in their area to order one "by name" at a McDonalds restaurant or drive-thru, and have their order processed properly, much to the chagrin of many McEmployees. Perhaps the ultimate goal, is to have it become something all McDonalds employees know how to make, much like In-N-Out's famous "secret menu" items. The McGangBang: Ask for it by name.

After much reading up on the subject, my interest was piqued and I could wait no further. Today was the day. I was going to walk to my local McDonalds and try a McGangBang for myself.

I walked into the McDonalds, not drinking anything on the way over for fear of compromising my palette, and ruining this new taste sensation. Never has a trip to the golden arches felt so scientific. I ordered "A Double Cheese Burger and a Junior Chicken, please", and in my daydream the employees would excitedly ask "Are you making a McGangBang!?!". In reality though, the lady behind the counter held up 8 fingers and asked if I wanted 8 Double Cheeseburgers. "Ahh, No thanks, just one."

It was a fairly busy McDonalds location this afternoon, I believe they were conducting interviews at the time, so I immediately got self conscious about not only constructing such a gluttonous sandwich, but then exacerbating the situation by taking photographs. I took the most remote seat I could find. I then sat down, carefully constructed the sandwich (the melty cheese is the biggest obstacle) and quietly snapped a few pictures. I then took a deep breath, and then took the plunge.

The first bite is confusing. Jarring, almost. You have to open you're mouth really wide. One would expect you'd be tasting mostly bun, but the flavors shine through quite well. It's alot to take in at first, but you do taste both the burger patties and the chicken, although the chicken is more subtle. You also taste ketchup and mayo and pickles. It's surprisingly tasty. The often used "It's a party in your mouth, and everyones invited!" description held true.

As I continued, I decided that unlike most of the much hyped fast food freakshow items, this actually wasn't so bad. I may live to experience one or several more McGangBangs. The look of it half eaten isn't a pretty one, but one can't argue taste. Another odd effect was how filling it was. For me, trips to McDonalds usually involve more food items than just 2 value menu burgers, but I was massively full after just one McGB (priced at a meager $2.78).

So there it is. I left the McDonalds victorious. I had heroically conquered the beast. I felt like Superman, if he had swallowed a 5-pin bowling ball.

Viva La McGangBang!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


angela - the double decker hamburger is becoming all the rage over
here in new york - full page spread in new york magazine

your new york hamburger correspondent,

**I further investigated this, and here is the article:

Why burger eaters all over town are discovering that two patties are better than one.
These are indeed burger boom times, with a twist: Not since the advent of Bob’s Big Boy in 1937 (and its copycat Big Mac in 1968) has the double burger been so popular. Despite its seeming heft, the double-decker construction is actually a boon for aficionados of thinner, crisper patties. The beauty of the double, some say, is that the top patty effectively bastes the bottom one with its juicy drippings. And with half the bread, doubles are typically less filling (and less conspicuously gluttonous— well, maybe) than two singles. At some local spots, the double burger is the default. Where to find the best.
By Robin Raisfeld & Rob Patronite

Friday, March 20, 2009

Porter Burger

1156 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 223-0393

This weekend I finally got to try a new(ish) gastropub in town. I had heard a lot of good things about it, but just never quite made it down. So in between the an in-store performance at local record store and another show later on, the roommates and I decided to grab a bite to eat there. As you walk in there's an extremely narrow bar area which opens up in the back to a dining area. The Porter’s food menu consist of only 7 entrées, plus some appetizer and brunch options, as well as daily specials (all which give you a beer suggestion to pair with that particular dish). The beer menu on the other hand has over 200 varieties from microbrews to high-gravity Belgian ales to rare specialty beers (some with a price tag of $98 for 1.5L!).

I opted for The Porter’s Half Pound Cheeseburger, which has fresh Angus Beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, and had it cooked medium. When the food arrived, I was drooling over how appetizing it looked. I bit in, and noticed it was cooked more medium-rare, possibly even rare. I didn’t let it bother me and kept on chomping down and enjoyed every bite. I feel like The Porter could be giving other local restaurants a run for their money in “Top Burger in Atlanta” competitions.

Overall, the burger is great, they give you more than enough fries (let a friend get a salad and split your sides up), the service is...decent, but it is in Little 5 Points, so maybe that’s why, or maybe it’s due to the fact they are a new place and the beer selection is AMAZING. I definitely recommend checking it out whenever you might be in the area.

- Bobby!


Monday, March 9, 2009

803 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 703-4042

Janine, Colin and I decided to go to the Foggy Dew at King & Niagara for dinner and drinks on Friday night. The place was packed, and really warm - they also sat us right next to the fireplace, which didn't help. My sister and I both ordered the Belfast Burger; An 8oz hand made Certified Angus Beef burger topped with crisp lettuce, fresh tomato and a Strub's pickle. She got cheddar cheese and I got swiss.

This was a wonderfully juicy, and really yummy burger! I didn't think I could finish it, 'cause of it's size...actually, I don't think I did! I was completely satisfied! The only thing that was a bummer, was that the coleslaw was seeping onto one side of my hamburger, which was kinda gross. Separate that shit from all the other food! Geeezeeeeeeeee...

Overall, it's a good. cozy little Irish pub to hangout at, with alright priced food ($10.99 for that meal), and pitchers of Mill Street Organic! Although, I highly recommend NOT going there next Tuesday during St. Patrick's Day...unless you're into that kind of thing? I don't care. Do whatever you want...
347 Van Brunt St
Brooklyn NY 11231
(718) 237-0276

This past week I took a trip up to New York to visit some friends and see some of my old favorite places that I haven’t been to in over a year. Hope and Anchor is one of these places, and it happens to be underneath the apartment I was staying at in Red Hook. It’s a nice little diner/bar with a lot of nautical decorations and themes, including the bathroom covered in Sailor Jerry tattoo flash.

On their menu, they have over ten different types of burgers to choose from, some which are alternates to beef if you’d like that instead. I chose “The Red Hook” which is 1/2 lb. beef, bacon, cheddar cheese and onions and had it cooked medium. It was...well...delicious! It had a nice charred exterior so you get a little crispiness to it but still had the juicy medium interior. They did, however, overload it with the onions. Some people might like that, but not me.

So, if you’re ever in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn, definitely check this place out. Everything else I’ve tried there is pretty tasty too (especially, the Mac & Cheese Fritters). Also, if you’re there on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, feel free to join in on (or be warned about) the karaoke!

- Bobby!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Fisherman's Wharf
333 Jefferson Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
(800) 786-1000

+ locations throughout California and Arizona

OK, so one of the things I'm super jealous about when I'm in the West coast, is that they have In-N-Out Burgers. I love going here for a number of reasons - including how consistently friendly the staff are, watching them put potatoes in the hand operated slicer to make homemade fries, and of course, how goddamn delicious their food is! I also love how they are kinda cultish, with their bible verses on all packaging, as well as the word-of-mouth "secret menu" that's available. At the same time though, that's what makes In-N-Out awesome!!

Some of the "secret menu" items include:
- 3x3 (which has three patties and three slices of cheese)
- 4x4 (like the 3x3 only with 4)
- Neopolitan shakes
- Grilled cheese sandwich (hamburger bun, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sauce, but no hamburger patty)
- Flying Dutchman (two patties, two cheese, no buns or condiments)
- Animal Style (either hamburger or fries with cheese, spread, grilled onions and pickles)

My friend Angela and I went to In-N-Out on Fisherman's Wharf (the only In-N-Out location in San Francisco) Though I didn't order any of the secret choices (I almost got animal style, but then remembered there are pickles on it) I got Combo #1 - which is your basic cheeseburger, fries and a drink. Of course it was awesome! I also love the option of requesting "no salt" on your fries. How thoughtful of them!

I don't normally eat at fast food places, but In-N-Out is must whenever I visit California. Because they make everything fresh though, you don't really feel that bad for eating it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not bad!

2215 Steeles Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario (North York)
(416) 514-1412

+ 6 other locations in Ontario, with more opening soon!

I've always heard rumors of this place - but never knew where to find one and what to expect. South St. Burger is owned by the same people as New York Fries. Yeah it's mall food - but it's good!

We found this restruant way up in North York one day while trying to find something tasty to eat. I saw the sign and it looked familiar. My buddy Justin was with me and he knew what it was right away!

I had some awesome extras on mine - horseradish mayo, spicy ketchup and guac! Imagine that - guac on a burger! Also don't forget the cheese and bacon - two favs of mine!

- Pare!

Editors note:
Matthew never said how this burger place was....Unless he sent his review before finishing? Due to his excitement of actually finding this place, as well as the prospect of guacamole on a hamburger, I'm going to go ahead and say that he in fact like it. If I am mistake, sorry in advance.


312 Yonge Street (Yonge & Dundas)
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 977-6677

+ additional locations around Ontario

This sorry excuse for a burger was one of the worst things I have had in a while. Not only did it take over an hour to get to my table - it was also sooooo dried out and the bacon was burnt! Not so sure I will ever be back to the Young/Dundas location.

The super huge milkshake was to die for though!

- Pare!

Monday, January 26, 2009


180 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 977-6400

Nota Bene is my new favorite restaurant in Toronto. I thought I should make that abundantly clear, so that my bias is way out in the open before we start.  We ordered Jennifer's Stilton Brisket Burger.  Angela said with half a mouth full of that that "this is the greatest thing I've ever tasted".  I agree 312%.


Best burger in Toronto. I'll fight you if you disagree..seriously.

-Mayor McCheese


229 Roncesvalles Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 533-0100

Michelle and I have been trying to get together for hamburgers for weeks now. We finally managed to coordinate yesterday afternoon, and met up at a diner called Aris Place, on Roncesvalles. It's a cozy (very warm inside!) wood-trimmed diner, complete with old menus, and exposed kitchen. We ordered the Homemade burger -- which, I'd suggest spending the extra $0.35 upgrade, from getting the frozen hamburger pattie. We got out gigantic hamburgers in about 10 minutes, served with cheese, lettuce and tomato (on mine). I thought it was a decent burger, however not the best by any means. It was a regular diner burger - basically, what you'd expect from a place like that. My stomach wasn't feeling the greatest to being with, so I don't think it was prepared to scarf down something of that caliber.

Michelle said though that hers was great! The only thing she'd change would be to have had the bun toasted....I thought they were? I guess not.

Anyway, this is a cute place to go in little Poland. Apart from their burgers, apparently a sweet cure for hangovers is to order their grilled cheese and onion rings. Key!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

99 Burger

99 Blue Jays Way
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 979-PUCK

Last night the whole family got together to go for dinner, then out to the Monster Trucks, for our brother's 23rd birthday. His choice of restaurant was Wayne Gretzky's, on Blue Jays Way - conveniently close to the Sky Dome.

Hermano Darren ordered "The Great One" Burger - a half pound sirloin burger, grilled medium well, topped with double smoked bacon and Canadian cheddar. To add that special something to it, the bun is branded with 99 (Wayne Gretzky's jersey number)

After a few bits, Darren looked up at me, scrunched his face and said:
"Hey! Here's your review....IT'S GOOOUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDD!!!"

Besides the burger, all the other food that we order was pretty great - minus the calamari dipping sauce, which everyone agreed was gross. If you plan on going here for dinner - especially on a Saturday night with a family oriented sporting event happening - you'll need to get there pretty early to avoid waiting around for hours for a table. You can make a reservation (which we did) but the latest you're able to is 4:30pm?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Macrobiotics burger

1604 Pacific Avenue
Venice, California
(310) 396-1604

I'm not sure what you think of when you say Macrobiotic, but I imagine Gwenyth Paltrow eating a bowl of dark green leafy mush covered in mold and maggots and anything else...well, bacteria-like. Sounds appetizing, doesn't it?

Seed has changed me. Well not my bad habits overall, but that mental picture I carry around.

They are a cute little joint one block from Venice Beach who carry a seriously exciting mix of Asian and American food, all with a vegan macrobiotic slant. I ordered the Mediterranean Burger, a bean and grain patty (hence the mashed up dirt coloring to it) with a red pepper aioli spread and served on an organic seven grain sourdough bun*
*If you can't tell, I copied that description from the menu...

I was afraid by the looks of the patty's color that it would be dry and/or burnt tasting, but it was the softest, juiciest non-meat burger I have ever had. The fresh organic tomatoes and onions were the perfect compliment and with a little organic hot sauce (provided by the restaurant), I scarfed down that burger in about 32 seconds flat. I promise I tasted enough of the food to write this review.

Your pal,
Siobhan, the Veggie Burger Connoisseur

Thursday, January 15, 2009


482 Parliament Street
Toronto, Ontario
(647) 344-5103


Family Lunch continues...

Today we decided on Gourmet Burger Co. - the newest fancy burger joint in the East end of Toronto. I've been reading nothing but good reviews on this place from different blogs, so we had to give it a whirl. They have a pretty eclectic selection of specialty signature burgers - including the Aussie, that is topped with pineapple (it really freaks me out, actually). Though everyone at the office got a signature burger (Smokey Bacon with avocado), I opted to build my own:

6oz. Gourmet Burger Co. Burger topped with BBQ sauce, chipotle mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, aged white cheddar, and avocado (to my surprise, the avocado is mashed, not sliced, which is a great, 'cause slices always seem to slip their way out!)

It was by no means a clean meal (lots of napkins required!) Sloppy, and condiment heavy, which was delicious! The bun was super soft (always a key for me), and the 100% beef itself was juicy and cooked to perfection. I am ridiculously full right now...but very satisfied with my meal.

Also, their onion rings are the best ones I've tasted in my entire life!!
On a side note though, if you are ordering from there with people, share your orders of fries or onion rings. There is only one size, and it's monstrous!

Pricing is about $8 or 9 bones a person. More expensive than any fast food, but an alright price for 'gourmet' type burgers that are handmade/dressed for you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hamburger bed!!

This is the coziest looking thing I have ever seen!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hi-5, guys!

1253 Caroline St NE.
Atlanta, GA.
(770) 220-0992

I first heard about Five Guys when I was living in New York. Everyone at work used to go to a small place tucked down some back hallway of a nice hotel that they would call “The Burger Joint” (not sure if that was the real name or if it even had a real name. They had a small neon sign with a picture of a burger on it.). One day the new craze was “Five Guys”. I assumed a place similar to The Burger Joint, run by, well, five guys! I kept meaning to go before I moved back, but somehow never made it. After I got back, I had a few friends tell me how great Five Guys is and I was happy to know I could give it a try down south.

The menu is pretty simple:
four burger options in two sizes and a few hot dog options.
Toppings include the standards plus things such as jalapeños, green peppers, A-1 and hot sauce. I decided to get the bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, onion, green peppers and A-1. The regular size has two patties, so i can only assume the “little” size has one.

This is probably the best burger I’ve had from a nation-wide restaurant. They pride themselves on always having fresh ground beef and fresh cut potatoes that are never frozen. It was packed full of flavor and grease and was messy and just amazing. It may not look like much in the picture, but I can assure you that you’ll love it.

Some of their awards are:
ZAGAT survey rated ’01-’08
“Reader’s Choice” #1 Hamburger ’99-’08
Best Burger in Baltimore, Raleigh and Delaware

- Bobby!