Monday, October 27, 2008

More from Natalie!

18 locations all around Toronto

The best veggie burger hands down in the city of Toronto goes to Hero Burger. With an array of topping choices, this delicious veggie burger hits the spot everytime! The texture and flavour are unparalelled anywhere else.

25 locations throughout Ontario

Coming in at a close second is Lick's Homeburgers and Ice Cream. Again, you can choose your favourite toppings (highly recommend the GUK, despite the name) I always order mine well done to ensure that the patty doesn't fall apart as the consistency is sometimes a bit crumbly

Both are totally satisfying options!
This is the veggie burger correspondant signing out for today - tune in next time for the best veggie burgers in Philly!
- Natalie

P.S. Natalie also sent me this fun photo from Ian's cow Website, that's a cow made of veggie burgers. Cute!

If interested, here's his website:

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