Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Classic

everywhere in the universe...

Just for the record, I only eat McDonalds once a year - when my brother and I are coming home from Warped Tour. We didn't eat there this year, so it was acceptable (kind of) to have it last night. I would also like to point out that everyone was drunk and needed emergency food...

I got the Quarter Pounder with cheese, of course. It's as gross/as delicious as always. I'm not going to recommend anyone to eat here, 'cause it's so bad for you. But really, at the same time, they have been around forever and are okay to have once in a while.

Why oh why are you so deliciously disgusting, McDonalds??

Friday, August 22, 2008

Flavour Infused Burgers!

565 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON


Tonight was a particularity special night for hamburgers. Juligwar always hosts the best bbq's, and likes to treat his guests to the delicious wonders of the Healthy Butcher. Everything I've ever tasted from them has been amazing (minus the cilantro burger...'cause really, who actually likes cilantro?) - These burgers were Hempseed and Mozzarella infused beef. Infused is basically another word for DELICIOUS! I topped this burger with some lettuce and a bit of ketchup, but I was instantly regretting it. You could easily eat their hamburgers with nothing at all on them, and they'd still be the most succulent thing you've ever home-grilled!

Healthy Butcher is a 4/5 always!
(again, only 4/5 on account of the cilantro burgers!)

P.S. I forgot to mention...Juligwar specifically said to mention he also gave 'service with a smile'. What a nerd.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


67 Front Street East
Toronto, Ontario

I went to C'est What? with a friend tonight. Instead of the regular Lamburger that I usually order (I've actually never ordered anything else ever, since it's so good), I decided to venture off and try the Buffalo Burger. Bison, huh? I've eaten bison once, and it was delicious, however this wasn't amazing - good - but not amazing. The addition of garlic mayo was a nice touch though! My yam fries were cut funny tonight, and were super greasy...but back to the bison - overall, it was ok. But in all honesty, as I was eating it, I was secretly wishing I was eating the lamburger my friend had ordered :(

Olympos in honour of the Olympics!

Adelaide & Princess Street (Southwest corner)

Olympos provides a great homemade burg. Only problem is processed cheese. Otherwise, great bang for your buck and I'm pretty sure the restaurant itself hasn't changed at all since the 80s.

- The Hamburgler.

Monday, August 18, 2008

follow up!

314 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, New York
(Cross Street: Between S 1st Street and S 2nd Street)


so the place in Brooklyn with the imposter "veggie burger" is called

apparently, they do have a killer Hamburger

hasta la proxima...

the veggie burger correspondent

Meet Natalie:

Natalie is a dear friend of mine from Toronto, who is temporarily residing in Brooklyn, New York. She was so excited about the birth of hamblogger, that she immediately asked to be my veggie burger correspondent. I received an enthusiastic ichat message from her this afternoon that read:

"here are my first notes on veggie burgers...

1. best veggie burger in toronto - it is a tie between that place on tecumseth and queen and lick's

2. there is a place in brooklyn that is committing veggie burger crimes - they are claiming that they serve a veggie burger when in fact it is a falafel on a bun!

i was outraged!
more to come..."

I wanted to ask her more questions about this, like "what restaurant in brooklyn?" and "i have no idea what place on queen this is. please explain!". However, she was gone just as quick as she came, and was marked as 'offline'.

One day I will have the followup to this conversation.
For now, I am happy knowing that Natalie is active in wanting to be a part of this!


567 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Last night we went to a special event at Tattoo Rock Parlor. I have heard rave reviews of their food, but have never tried it before, so I was excited when these mini-hamburgers were brought out. To my disappointment, they were overcooked, and the buns were difficult to bite through. Granted these are just party burgers, I don't think I would like to try a full hamburger from there. Sorry guys.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

do you love hamburgers...even hamburgers with cheese - aka - cheeseburgers.

this blog will be reviews (good and bad) of hamburgers/cheeseburgers/veggie burgers from all over the place, including where in the world to find these delights.