Friday, May 1, 2009

176 Baldwin St. (Kensington Market)
Toronto, ON.

What a find! It is true what the say - Kensington Market is full of little treasures! On one of the main streets of the market there are two butcher shops - you need to go to the bigger one of the two for this. In the back of the butcher shop there is a little grill. They cook up all sorts of fresh meat and the old ladies who serve you are so nice! The burger combo is only $3.49 or maybe $3.99 either way super cheap for a burger, fries and pop. The burgers are great and you can take it to go and find a bench in the market to enjoy.

TIP: If you like cheese, you need to ask for it as a topping. It's in one of the squeeze bottles. If you find that sorta thing gross (which I am proud to say I don't) you can always go to the cheese shop next door and get a slice.


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