Monday, December 22, 2008

Not a classic

3320 Henderson Mill Rd.
Atlanta GA 30341

I recently moved to a new part of town giving me a chance to find new neighborhood places to eat, drink, whatever....

Well, being a Sunday after a long night, I felt the need to go check out one of the places to help make me feel a little better. One of my roommates, Kristina, and I decided to check out Galaxy Diner. As we drove up, we were surprised to see the parking lot full of classic and custom cars. Once we got in though, we saw that there was a meeting for members of a local classic and custom cars club that seems to be sponsored by the diner. The interior had pictures to decorate the walls of member's cars that had been given different awards.

Anyways, on to the food...

The menu was huge and had a good variety of dishes. Cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches, breakfast, gyros, pasta, burgers and more. Because I don't think I've had a burger since the last review, I decided to go for the bacon cheeseburger (which I didn't realize until halfway through the burger that they forgot the bacon). Once it came out I noticed it was yet another place that uses the frozen patties. Already kind of a downer in my opinion, but today, it didn't matter. Overall, it was very plain. The bun tasted like it had more flavor than burger itself. I think I'd give the burger another chance due to the fact that we did get there a little before they were scheduled to close, but still let us eat since the car club meeting wasn't going to end for a little while. Next time I go, I'll be sure to follow up to see if it was a one time bad burger. Either way, there's bound to be something good with the American/Greek/Italian menu.


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