Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Burger Shots

11,550 locations worldwide!

**Interesting fact I came across while looking up location information for Burger King:
"Burger King has a longstanding presence at U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force installations worldwide, dating back to the 1980s under a contract with Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Today, while other chains such as Taco Bell, Popeye's and Subway have a presence on military bases, virtually every major Army and Air Force installation hosts a BK restaurant.

I'll cut right to the chase. BK Burger Shots are possibly the greatest fast-food incarnation since the Mc Rib. Whoever thought of this little gem at BK is probably basking in corporate glory; freshly promoted to VP of Marketing Genius, traipsing the world in a shiny new G5 and hitting the links while us schmucks sit in a cubicle.

And the reason we’re sitting in cubicles, pondering our existence and fully realizing how shitty our jobs are, is because schmucks like us never came up with the idea of selling sliders en masse.

Sure, sliders aren’t new (ask anyone in Chicago). But that’s not the point. The point is that someone was smart enough to re-package these wee-little lads and call it sliced bread.

Thing is, everyone expects a slider from a cutesy-downtown-boutique-burger shop with yuppies and hipsters in tow. No one expects it from a fast-food multinational that churns out a burger in less than a minute. So when you roll up to a Burger King at Jane and Lawrence and ask for BK Shot and get two sliders, your mind explodes, paradigms shift and the Leafs win the Stanley Cup.

Even the packaging on these guys rule! All with their sardonic illustration on how to un-wrap, bisect and consume said sliders. Oh how I love thee.

I’m sorry, but BK Shots are killing it right now. To me, they are to the burger world what Wu Tang was to hip hop.

- Chenyip

PS: My total amount of BK Burger Shots is currently sitting at 14. I’ll accept any challenge to top that.


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I know of a person who has returned mix cd's simply because Wu-Tang was included on the track list...

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