Monday, March 9, 2009

347 Van Brunt St
Brooklyn NY 11231
(718) 237-0276

This past week I took a trip up to New York to visit some friends and see some of my old favorite places that I haven’t been to in over a year. Hope and Anchor is one of these places, and it happens to be underneath the apartment I was staying at in Red Hook. It’s a nice little diner/bar with a lot of nautical decorations and themes, including the bathroom covered in Sailor Jerry tattoo flash.

On their menu, they have over ten different types of burgers to choose from, some which are alternates to beef if you’d like that instead. I chose “The Red Hook” which is 1/2 lb. beef, bacon, cheddar cheese and onions and had it cooked medium. It was...well...delicious! It had a nice charred exterior so you get a little crispiness to it but still had the juicy medium interior. They did, however, overload it with the onions. Some people might like that, but not me.

So, if you’re ever in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn, definitely check this place out. Everything else I’ve tried there is pretty tasty too (especially, the Mac & Cheese Fritters). Also, if you’re there on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, feel free to join in on (or be warned about) the karaoke!

- Bobby!


Brian, Mason & Cortni said...

How about a local joint I may visit, Bobbs?

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