Tuesday, March 24, 2009


angela - the double decker hamburger is becoming all the rage over
here in new york - full page spread in new york magazine

your new york hamburger correspondent,

**I further investigated this, and here is the article:

Why burger eaters all over town are discovering that two patties are better than one.
These are indeed burger boom times, with a twist: Not since the advent of Bob’s Big Boy in 1937 (and its copycat Big Mac in 1968) has the double burger been so popular. Despite its seeming heft, the double-decker construction is actually a boon for aficionados of thinner, crisper patties. The beauty of the double, some say, is that the top patty effectively bastes the bottom one with its juicy drippings. And with half the bread, doubles are typically less filling (and less conspicuously gluttonous— well, maybe) than two singles. At some local spots, the double burger is the default. Where to find the best.
By Robin Raisfeld & Rob Patronite


lowball the magnificent (t-lo) said...

I am gonna review this in the summer.


I will post a pic of me wearing the t-shirt after I demolish it!

angela said...

please let me know how that goes, tristan! insanity!!