Tuesday, August 19, 2008


67 Front Street East
Toronto, Ontario

I went to C'est What? with a friend tonight. Instead of the regular Lamburger that I usually order (I've actually never ordered anything else ever, since it's so good), I decided to venture off and try the Buffalo Burger. Bison, huh? I've eaten bison once, and it was delicious, however this wasn't amazing - good - but not amazing. The addition of garlic mayo was a nice touch though! My yam fries were cut funny tonight, and were super greasy...but back to the bison - overall, it was ok. But in all honesty, as I was eating it, I was secretly wishing I was eating the lamburger my friend had ordered :(

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Anonymous said...

Can i request that you do a review of Alens? In my mind, its the best goddam burger in the city. I would like to get the burger-ness' opinion.