Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet Natalie:

Natalie is a dear friend of mine from Toronto, who is temporarily residing in Brooklyn, New York. She was so excited about the birth of hamblogger, that she immediately asked to be my veggie burger correspondent. I received an enthusiastic ichat message from her this afternoon that read:

"here are my first notes on veggie burgers...

1. best veggie burger in toronto - it is a tie between that place on tecumseth and queen and lick's

2. there is a place in brooklyn that is committing veggie burger crimes - they are claiming that they serve a veggie burger when in fact it is a falafel on a bun!

i was outraged!
more to come..."

I wanted to ask her more questions about this, like "what restaurant in brooklyn?" and "i have no idea what place on queen this is. please explain!". However, she was gone just as quick as she came, and was marked as 'offline'.

One day I will have the followup to this conversation.
For now, I am happy knowing that Natalie is active in wanting to be a part of this!

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