Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Mini-Burgers:

Yonge & Dundas Square
(plus other fine establishments across the nation)

As an avid protester of anything and everything onion, I was sceptical about these tiny burgers at first. They were described by the lovely Stephanie as Kobe beef patties, cheese, onion 'strings' (which I was assured were different from onions and would not affect my burger experience), and mustard, all in a 3-bite-sized package. I have to reluctantly admit that the first bite won me over with ease. The buns were so nice and crispy, grilled with some kind of oil, the beef was tender and juicy, although quite different from your typical hamburger beef, and the onions were barely noticeable, as advertized.

Four and half...hamburger patties out of five?

Matthew Nixon

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michellionaire said...

is this blog dead?

i had a pretty good burger at mr. tasty (Queen E & Parliament) the other day