Monday, September 1, 2008

Homemade goodness!

Oh hi there...

Being the last weekend of the summer, Christina and I decided to have a bbq this afternoon, and I homemade hamburgers for us. Not to blow my own horn here, but they were super delicious, and a perfect meal for such a hot, sunny holiday Monday. I would love to give you the actual recipe, but the way I cook is all about experimenting. No recipes required...

However, today I used:

- 1lbs. of extra lean ground beef
- 1 egg
- 1 sleeve of soda crackers
- tons of black pepper
- worcestershire sauce (very important!)
- hot sauce (all I had was Franks Chili Lime sauce, which worked surprisingly well!)
- a giant clove of garlic

Squish everything together with your hands, form into 4 patties, then bbq those guys up! If you have some time to let them sit in the fridge for a bit first, they'll absorb all the flavors a little more. Either way though, so yummy!! I got these really fresh baked garlic and rosemary buns to put the hamburgers in. All we had were cheese slices, which I felt a little disappointed paring with this, however it worked out for the best!

*If you have any good hamburger recipes to boast about, please let me know, and I will post!

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how come my propane tank didn't get a shout out here?