Monday, November 3, 2008

Royal Avec Cheese - Paris!

Paris, France

When I found out that I was going to Paris all I could think about was getting one of these under my belt! I know what you are thinking - ohh big deal - they mention it in Pulp Fiction or that it's just a name change blah blah.

But until you have one you can't say shit. This thing is the king of all McDonald burgers. Trust me I have eaten McDonalds in over 10 countries. In the Royal Avec Cheese they use real beef - hand packed stuff - not patties! And it was so fresh and hot, and larger than any McDonalds cheesburger here!



michellionaire said...

that *looks* friggen delicious, but i have always found european beef to taste weird...

clanchatti said...

it's because french cows smoke a lot

Secret Rush said...

tabi & i were in paris two weeks ago and we were so excited to have a royal avec cheese!
i'm stoked this made it onto the blog.