Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Fine Dining In The Smokies
710 Parkway (Highway 321)
Gatlinburg, Tennessee

I spent the past few days down South in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for my friend's wedding. It's a beautiful, really fun place, with tons of touristy things to do, as well as homemade candy places everywhere and good restaurants - including Mc Cutchan's Brass Grill Restaurant. We were happily greeted by a man named Jim; who, upon checking out their website, is the owner!. He immediately struck up a conversation with us about his 41 month old son (when are you supposed to stop counting months?), and was convinced I was from New Orleans.

That aside, we were all hungry...

I was originally going to order the Smokie Mountain burger, but wasn't feeling the bacon. Instead, I got the Sirloin Steak burger with pepperjack cheese. What a treat! It was juicy, flavourful and the spiciness of the cheese was perfect! I wasn't a huge fan of the waffle fries, but who really cares?

I was completely satisfied, and pleasantly full.

If you ever happen to be in Gatlinburg for any reason, you should go to this sweet little pub. Surely Jim will be there to greet you as well, and tell you all about his kid....by then, perhaps he'd be 52 months? Ugggh....

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