Sunday, January 18, 2009

99 Burger

99 Blue Jays Way
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 979-PUCK

Last night the whole family got together to go for dinner, then out to the Monster Trucks, for our brother's 23rd birthday. His choice of restaurant was Wayne Gretzky's, on Blue Jays Way - conveniently close to the Sky Dome.

Hermano Darren ordered "The Great One" Burger - a half pound sirloin burger, grilled medium well, topped with double smoked bacon and Canadian cheddar. To add that special something to it, the bun is branded with 99 (Wayne Gretzky's jersey number)

After a few bits, Darren looked up at me, scrunched his face and said:
"Hey! Here's your review....IT'S GOOOUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDD!!!"

Besides the burger, all the other food that we order was pretty great - minus the calamari dipping sauce, which everyone agreed was gross. If you plan on going here for dinner - especially on a Saturday night with a family oriented sporting event happening - you'll need to get there pretty early to avoid waiting around for hours for a table. You can make a reservation (which we did) but the latest you're able to is 4:30pm?


Goslett said...

hey hey. love the blog, i've checked out alot of these places before/ after

if you're looking for a really good burger spot, theres one on spadina, a few blocks south of queen. walk down spadina for a few blocks, if you pass a store named "Livestock you've gone just too far" anyways, you turn down a little street, its kinda like a parking lot area, and its just a big sign that says "avenue" (i think, its been a while)
anyways, amazing burgers, good fries, and its pretty well priced haha.

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