Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not bad!

2215 Steeles Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario (North York)
(416) 514-1412

+ 6 other locations in Ontario, with more opening soon!

I've always heard rumors of this place - but never knew where to find one and what to expect. South St. Burger is owned by the same people as New York Fries. Yeah it's mall food - but it's good!

We found this restruant way up in North York one day while trying to find something tasty to eat. I saw the sign and it looked familiar. My buddy Justin was with me and he knew what it was right away!

I had some awesome extras on mine - horseradish mayo, spicy ketchup and guac! Imagine that - guac on a burger! Also don't forget the cheese and bacon - two favs of mine!

- Pare!

Editors note:
Matthew never said how this burger place was....Unless he sent his review before finishing? Due to his excitement of actually finding this place, as well as the prospect of guacamole on a hamburger, I'm going to go ahead and say that he in fact like it. If I am mistake, sorry in advance.

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